How to get more oil out of the known oil fields in the world

Much oil left in old fields
It is more oil left in the known fields than that we so far have produced from these fields. The beauty with this oil is that we know where it is, how much it is and what type of oil it is. We therefore do not need to use huge amount og money to search for this oil. The disadvantage with this oil is that it is characterized as not produce-able and therefore not added as part of the worlds oil reserves.

New oil well pumps for horisontal oil wells
80-90 % of all oil wells must today have submersed downhole oil well pumps because the presssure energy in this crude oils are too little to lift them to the surface. Of the submersed oil well pumps, 80 – 90 % are sucker-rod beam pumps because of their robust construction and problem free operation. Some of the large limitations however with these pumps appears clearly from figure 1.

Figure 1. You must use many sucker-rod beam pumps, vertical wells and lots of equipment if you shall get effective emptying of oil fields.

The  beam pumps can only be used in vertical wells and because the crude oil mainly exist in horisontal layers in the oil fields, we must have drilled many vertical wells from surface side by side and thus also placed many sucker-rod beam pumps closed to each other. Much drilling, much equipment and pipes. The largest problem however are that you are not able to empty the field decently for oil. 50 – 80 % of the oil will still be in the field when it is declared empty. Therefore we have now developed a slow motion hydraulic driven linear piston pump that can be used in horisontal wells as shown in figure 2. And what is the advantage with that? It is that you can empty the oil fields much better. By using horisontal drilling in oil fields you can drill several horisontal wells in parallel side by side to each other in the oil field. Efficient perforation of the casings in the oil producing layers will get the oil from all parts of the field to trickle into the wells. All parts of the field thus can be emptied even if the oil have high viscosity. Every FlaPump horisontal pump will then do a much more efficient job than 10 – 20 sucker-rod beam pumps. Think what that will give in extra oil income and saved costs. From equipment, drilling, pipes and maintenance.
In field depth between 500 and 1000 meter it will fast be expensive to drill and equip every well from the surface when the alternative is just to extend the horisontal wells with a few meters (even if the most important reason with the horisontal wells still is to get more oil out of the fields).

Figure 2. By using parallell horisontal oil wells with FlaPump linear hydraulic driven oil well pumps you can get effective drainage of the entire oil field. Every part of the field will be emptied thoroughly so that you do not get ”pockets” where 50 – 80 % of the oil in the field can ”hide”.

Other advantages with the new oil well pump
The new linear lov speed well pump is directly driven by a linear hydraulic motor that get high pressure hydraulic oil from a power unit on the surface. Hydraulic units are very reliable and compact. They are in use all over the world and will run for years without problems. The pump capacity can easily be adjusted from 0 to 100 % capacity at 90 % efficiency over the whole flow and pressure range. Thus the pump capacity can be adjusted continuously to the trickle of oil into the well. The FlaPump is double working and thus it also has even sucking performance, in contrast to the sucker-rod beam pumps that only sucks when the piston is mowing upwards. Beam pumps gives discontinuous pumping and that gives less well production. The high efficiency gives both less installed and consumed power. Money saved also here. Since the FlaPump oil well pumps have two or more cylinders placed in the extension of each other the maximum capacity from each pump will be large. In the same way as the sucker-rod pumps these PlaPump pumps can stand much sand, water and gas in the oil. Characteristics that are absolutely necessary for problem free operation in oil wells.

Increased earnings
How much your company can earn by changing to FlaPump oil well pumps you must evaluate by yourself. You know the company's fields and can best evaluate how much you can earn extra by taking the new technique into use. Some places you can maybe double the total reserves in your oil fields. But one thing is sure; With todays and future oil prices it will sum up to a lot of money. In addition the risk is very limited because you know your old fields very well.

We could not avoid to make some reflections when we started to work with this linear well pump and saw how huge improvements it is possible to achieve. Why haven't new and better techniques been taken into use earlier to empty the oil fields? The answer is probably the same as almost always earlier that it was due to lack of good technical solutions and that the crude oil prices have been low. We believe that it also is because the oil companies maybe have believed that they can leave all the spending for development, production and testing of new technology to the equipment manufacturers. The result from this policy can most glaring be described by the fact that 50 – 80 % of the oil is left in the fields when they are ”empty". Therefore also you that works for the oil companies, any moment now, must accept that since it is the oil companies that earn large amount of money by selling the crude oil, they must also be willing to pay the development cost for such equipment. An oil company earns maybe 100 to 1000 times more by selling the crude oil that are produced by the well pumps than the pump manufacturer.
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Tron-Halvard Fladby/2004.12.01